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ACRES Bulletin
November 2018

Showing Success in ACRES!

Oklahoma City Transforms an Entire City Block (with collaboration of state agencies and financial assistance from EPA Brownfields Grant Programs)

Situated on a historic Oklahoma City oil field on the east side of Bricktown, the five-acre site was contaminated by the former Stewart Metal Fabricating facility and past drilling and storage activities. Countless underground structures were found during cleanup including underground storage tanks, historic oil wells, and piping. The City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) and EPA all partnered to assist this complicated redevelopment.

It is now home to Steelyard, a mixed-use complex with retail shops on the first floor and housing above. It will offer 30 affordable housing units out of a total of 250 units in downtown Oklahoma City and started leasing in the summer of 2018. It currently features a multi-deck covered parking facility, as well. Plans are underway for additional development on the site.

West of this property, the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority (OCURA) owned a 1.38-acre site that had the same environmental problems and underwent cleanup simultaneously with the Steelyard apartments. After remediation was complete, OCURA was able to seek a developer for the site.

Project accomplishments include:

  • Acres cleaned up and ready for reuse:
  • 6.38

  • EPA grant dollars invested:
    • $1.3M OKC Brownfields RLF loan for the Steelyards
    • $200,000 OKC Brownfields RLF subgrant to OCURA from the City for OCURA West
    • $350,000 ODEQ Brownfields subgrant to OCURA East
    • $97,700 in OKC Brownfields Assessment Funding
    • $111,200 Targeted Brownfields Assessment
    • Appx $105,000 from OCC for well plugging
  • Leveraged funding (cleanup):
    (Technically three separate cleanup projects)
    • OCURA West (1.38 acres)
      --Documented Cleanup Leverage $237,234.87
    • Multi Family Parcel (5.046 acres)
      --Documented Cleanup Match $145,240.21
      --Documented Cleanup Leverage $189,568.77
    • OCURA East (1.5 acres) ODEQ Brownfields
      Subgrant and oversight waiver only
  • Leveraged funding (redevelopment):
    (Technically four separate redevelopments)
    • AC Hotel Estimated Redevelopment Leverage $11,200,000.00
    • Hyatt Place Estimated Redevelopment Leverage $10,000,000.00
    • The Steelyards part 1, Steelyards part 2 & Parking Garage
      Estimated Redevelopment Leverage $50,000,000.00 (not Complete)
    • Steelyards Part 3 will utilize OCURA East property to expand the complex in the future

    Steelyards Before
    Before cleanup and redevelopment – former metalwork factory and oil field

    Steelyard Apartments
    New ‘Steelyard’ residential and retail site in Bricktown

    Hyatt Place
    New hotel Hyatt Place

    AC Hotel
    New AC Hotel features works by local artists and an AC Lounge stocked with local craft beers


    FY18 Brownfields Program Accomplishments

    FY18 was a fantastic year for accomplishments in the Brownfields Program. Combined efforts from cooperative agreement recipients and EPA project officers resulted in ACRES reporting that greatly exceeded all of EPA’s FY18 goals. The table below summarizes the Program’s final FY18 accomplishments. EPA hopes to have as successful a year in FY19.

    Summary of Brownfields Program Accomplishments as of October 1, 2018
    Performance MeasureFY2018 TargetsFY2018 AccomplishmentsCumulative Program Accomplishments
    Properties Assessed1,3001,91928,968
    Properties Cleaned Up1301431,720
    Jobs Leveraged7,00011,197141,332
    Dollars Leveraged$1.1BN$2.201BN$26.807BN
    Properties Made Ready for Reuse6848616,843
    Acres Made Ready for Anticipated Reuse5,5007,986.2477,038

    FY18 Cooperative Grant Recipient Information into ACRES:

    Cooperative Agreement Recipients that were selected in FY18 should start to see their specific grant information loaded into ACRES in by mid-November 2018. Recipients will need to access ACRES to update their cooperative agreement homepages and any corresponding properties prior to submitting their first quarter report at the end of January 2019. Cooperative agreement recipients that cannot find their corresponding agreement in ACRES by the end of November 2018 should reach out to their EPA project officer.

    If you have not already established your ACRES account please do so shortly by clicking the one-time registration link available here:

    New users are also encouraged to take ACRES online training, available the second Tuesday of each month. More details available here:

    Regional Training Initiatives

    EPA Headquarters began conducting on-site Regional ACRES trainings in the summer of 2018. As of this time, on-site trainings have been offered in Region 3, 4, 5, and 6. Headquarters hopes to visit the remaining six regions in 2019. Trainings are tailored for a specific audience, with previous trainings occurring at regional all-grantee meetings, regional new-grantee meetings, and regional EPA offices. If you would be interested in attending a regional ACRES training, please let your Project Officer know. If you are unable to attend a training in person, please take advantage of our monthly online ACRES training and additional training resources available on the ACRES website:

    Features in ACRES

    ACRES 6.0 ….. almost there

    ACRES 6.0 is currently in review by beta testers. The testers' suggestions and comments will be evaluated and improvements incorporated into ACRES 6.0. The new system is scheduled for release in the next few months.

    Note that because we are focused on the new version, modifications to the current release have been minimized to emergency fixes only.

    If you have any suggestions for ways ACRES can make your job more effective, please let us know by contacting the ACRES Help Desk at or (703) 284-8212.

    Events & Training

    Online Training Offered:

    Getting Started:
      For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients just starting to use ACRES, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your property data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 90 minutes.

    The Next Level:
      For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients that are familiar with using ACRES, this training will provide instruction on how to make ACRES work for you and your property scenarios, and the answers to some commonly asked questions. Approximately 90 minutes.

    Job Training:
      For Job Training Recipients, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your Job Training data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 60 minutes.

      ACRES next Training Dates (2pm EST) details

    Getting Started- December 11
    February 12
    The Next Level- January 8
    March 12
    Job Training- December 11
    March 12

    Frank's Tips

    Frank Gardner is the Brownfields Coordinator and the Regional Data Coordinator at EPA Region 1. In this role, he works with recipients to help them report their activities and successes in ACRES. Frank Gardner

    In the Brownfields program, we are actually very fortunate to have ACRES (Yes, I really did just say that.). As opposed to an off-the-shelf application that isn’t specific to our program, ACRES was developed specifically and only for EPA’s Brownfields program. We continue to improve and adapt it as our program continues to evolve. OBLR manages the IT contract with Lintech, which gives us the ability to guide and oversee the monthly development cycle. This is how we are able to continuously make enhancements, improvements, and adjustments based on direct input from the user community – cooperative agreement recipients and EPA Project officers alike.

    Keeping in touch with our user community is the foundation of our success. Every call and email to the Help Desk is logged and tracked, and the issues pointed out through those channels are used to inform the IT development process. We also engage volunteers from the user community to help us beta test new enhancements like ACRES 6.0 to help ensure we are on the right track. Our favorite way to connect with the user community is through training, and we consider the trainings we provide to be a learning process for Team ACRES as well. During the monthly webinar trainings we give, participants often bring up excellent questions which help us refine our training materials and sometimes also help us identify system enhancements.

    In person training opportunities, while less common, are particularly productive and enjoyable, as they provide a chance for users to meet members of the development team in person. We have the ability to participate in Brownfields conferences at the national, regional, and state level in order to give presentations and trainings about ACRES and also hold Help Desk hours for one-on-one sessions with individual users. This past year, we have been able to do this at the National Brownfields Conference in Pittsburg and the Southeast Brownfields Conference in Birmingham. We also held in-person training sessions for EPA users at the Region 3 and Region 5 offices. We look forward to continuing to connect with ACRES users throughout the country through each of these means. If you will be hosting a conference or workshop, please invite us so we can see you in your neighborhood soon!

    "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

    ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

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