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ACRES Bulletin
May 2018

Showing Success in ACRES!

Former "Food Desert" now blooming with delicious options

A former Grand Union supermarket site in Fort Edward, NY has undergone a major metamorphosis. Located in EPA Region 2, the former brownfield property has been redeveloped to provide the local folks in the Village of Fort Edward with a new Market 32 grocery store.

Prior to Grand Union which closed in 2003, the site had been used as a disposal and laydown area for a General Electric plant that had been located across the street. The site had significant PCB contamination.

CERCLA/ERRD removal action was performed and the Town of Fort Edward used their Community-wide hazardous substance Assessment Grant to fully investigate the nature and extent of contamination at the site. The existing building was demolished to assess contamination under the structure prior to cleanup planning and implementation.

A number of funding types were used to assess, cleanup and redevelop the property: an Emergency and Remedial Response Division (ERRD) Removal Action, an EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant, an EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant, State funding, National Grid funding, and private developer funding. Much of the planning for the site was discussed and laid out through the interagency workgroup that was developed in large part by EPA. There was a lot of successful collaboration between the agencies, the consultant and the developer.

Market 32/Price Chopper purchased the site after committing to the project in December, 2015. The grand opening was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. Market 32 is the first supermarket in the Village since 2003. Prior to this, Fort Edward was referred to as a “food desert” as residents had to drive 15 miles to shop at the nearest supermarket in Queensbury (for over a decade!).

Also of note, because of the new supermarket, chain restaurants (notably McDonalds) located adjacent to the supermarket changed their plans to renovate stores in a neighboring village and decided to renovate the store in Fort Edward instead.

Project accomplishments include:

  • Acres cleaned up and ready for reuse:
  • 5.9
  • Jobs leveraged:
    (228 jobs during cleanup and 175 jobs during redevelopment)
  • 372
  • EPA grant dollars invested:
  • $401,584
  • Cost Share:
  • $40,000
  • Leveraged funding (cleanup):
  • $1,700,000
  • Leveraged funding (redevelopment):
  • $32,000,000

    Market 32 Grand Opening
    Market 32 ~ grand opening
    Fort Edward, NY

    Market Offerings
    Photo by Don Smith

    Just a few of the offerings to local residents


    BUILD Act Passed

    On March 23rd, Congress passed the BUILD (Brownfields Utilization, Investment, and Local Development) Act, which, in addition to reauthorizing the Brownfields Program, contains several significant changes to the current statute. Key highlights include: expands grant eligibility for nonprofits with a 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS; increases cleanup grant funding up to $500,000 per site, with potential waivers up to $650,000; provides grant authority for multi-purpose grants; creates a new grant program for states and tribes to provide training, technical assistant or research to small and disadvantaged communities; and removes the cost prohibition (EPA Brownfields Grant recipients can now use up to 5% of grant funds on administrative costs). EPA will host a public webinar to discuss the BUILD Act in detail on June 6, from 3:00-5:00PM EST. To register, go to: For a copy of the BUILD Act, go to:

    ACRES Regional Training Opportunities

    EPA Headquarters, in coordination with EPA Regional Offices, is looking for opportunities to provide hands-on training to EPA Project Officers and Cooperative Agreement Recipients. The training will focus on getting ACRES users familiar with the ACRES interface, changes coming with ACRES 6.0, and a walk through of common reporting steps. Each training session will also have adequate time built in to answer ACRES users’ individual questions. If you are interested in holding an ACRES Training session in your EPA Region, please reach out to your Project Officer to learn of opportunities coming to your region. Additional trainings may also be scheduled via webinar. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Kelly Gorini:

    FY18 Grants Announced

    The 2018 Grant Fact Sheets, which announce the selection of new grant awards, have been posted on the EPA web page. Here is a copy of each announcement from the Brownfields Home page:

    Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund and Cleanup Grants

    We are pleased to announce that 144 communities will receive 221 grants totaling $54.3 million in EPA Brownfields funding through our Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup (ARC) Grants to assess, clean up and redevelop underutilized properties while protecting public health and the environment. These funds will expand the ability of communities to recycle vacant and abandoned properties for new, productive reuses.

    "EPA's Brownfields Program expands the ability of communities to recycle vacant and abandoned properties for new, productive reuses, using existing infrastructure" said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. "These grants leverage other public and private investments, and improve local economies through property cleanup and redevelopment."

    Job Training Grants

    EPA is selecting approximately $3.3 million in Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) grants to 17 communities across the country to recruit, train, and place unemployed and underemployed individuals with the skills needed to secure long-term employment in the environmental field.

    Each recipient will receive funds to develop and operate environmental job training programs that advance environmental justice by providing opportunities for residents living in areas impacted by contaminated lands.

    Local residents will secure employment within their communities conducting brownfields remediation, Superfund cleanup, wastewater management, solid waste recycling and cleanup, chemical safety, solar installation, and other environmental work.

    Features in ACRES

    ACRES 6.0 Development Underway

    Team ACRES is working hard on our new version, 6.0, which is scheduled for release this fall. Because we are focused on the new version, modifications to the current release have been minimized to emergency fixes only.

    If you have any suggestions for ways ACRES can make your job more effective, please let us know by contacting the ACRES Help Desk at or (703) 284-8212.

    Events & Training

    Annual Environmental Job Development
    All-Grantee Meeting

    August 8-9, 2018
    Alexandria, VA
    Brownfields Toolbox
    Under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI) will host the Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting on August 9–10, 2018 in Alexandria, Virginia. All EPA-funded Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) grantees are strongly encouraged to attend. Other meeting participants include prospective EWDJT grantees, and EPA regional and headquarters representatives.

    Online Training Offered:

    Getting Started (Beginners):
      For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients just starting to use ACRES, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your property data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 90 minutes.

    The Next Level (Advanced):
      For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients that are familiar with using ACRES, this training will provide instruction on how to make ACRES work for you and your property scenarios, and the answers to some commonly asked questions. Approximately 90 minutes.

    Job Training:
      For Job Training Recipients, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your Job Training data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 60 minutes.

      ACRES Summer 2018 Training Dates (2pm EST) details

    Getting Started (Beginners)- June 12
    August 14
    The Next Level (Advanced)- July 10
    September 11
    Job Training- June 12
    September 11

    Redevelopment Outcomes

    Here are the program results for fiscal year 2018 as of March 31th. Every goal is on target (and many ahead of target). Thanks for your help in getting information into ACRES so we can show our success.

    FY18 Report Card

    Frank's Tips

    Frank Gardner is the Brownfields Coordinator and the Regional Data Coordinator at EPA Region 1. In this role, he works with recipients to help them report their activities and successes in ACRES. Frank Gardner

    Work Package Sharing - Collaborating with Your Team

    Keeping your ACRES data up to date has never been more important. Using the Work Package Sharing feature, ACRES provides Cooperative Agreement Recipients (CARs) the ability to collaborate with your colleagues and/or contractors to enter the Property Profile Form (PPF) data for project sites. Instead of having to enter all PPF data yourself, you can use this function to start a work package, enter the data which you have readily accessible, and then hand off the work package to another ACRES user or users on your project team to complete. Once your collaborators finish filling out the remaining data, then you just need to review and submit the work package to your EPA Project Officer.

    For example, you might add a new property to your Cooperative Agreement (CA) and fill out the property location and site background information and then share the work package with your Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) or contractor. They could fill in the site-specific activities, dates, and technical information. Finally, you would review the completed work package and Submit it to EPA. You could similarly share the work package with someone else in your organization. For example, someone in your finance office could assist with the dates and funding information for the assessment or cleanup activities. There is no limit to the number of people with which you can share a work package. They just need to be active ACRES users with your CA associated to their accounts.

    Here is a little more detail on how it works:

    The work package 'owner' starts the work package and can select 'collaborators' (other ACRES users associated with your CA) to update information on the work package. Collaborators are notified by email that a work package has been shared with them. You even have the option to create a message with your instructions to be included in this system-generated email.

    To begin sharing, click the "Enter Data" link next to one of the properties associated to your CA and click the Expand button next to the "This Work Package is Shared" (or NOT Shared section title). This section lists all other ACRES users associated with your CA. To share the work package, simply click the box next to the other user's name(s). An "X" mark replaces the box. Remember you have the option here to include a written message to your collaborators. To finalize the sharing and to send the message, click the Update Sharing button.

    If at any point you wish to remove the work package sharing, just return to the work package sharing section and simply un-click the "X" mark next to the other user's name.

    A column title "Shared" will display on your CAR Home page to identify packages that are currently shared. The column lists both you (owner) and your collaborator's names. Because only one user can make edits at a time, if one user tries to access a work package that is being edited by another collaborator/owner, a lock icon will appear next the work package on the Home page. As soon as the user finishes editing (logs out, times out, or moves to another area of ACRES) the lock will be removed. It is important to note that only the owner (the person who initially created and shared the work package) can ultimately submit a work package for regional review.

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    ~ Charles Bowden

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