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ACRES Bulletin
January 2018

Showing Success in ACRES!

Stanley Aviation Sight Soars to New Heights (and uses)

Stanley Aviation opened an aerospace parts manufacturing plant at the former Stapleton International Airport, Colorado in 1954. The company manufactured aircraft parts for companies such as Boeing and became one of the first companies in the United States to design, develop, and manufacture crew ejector seats for American military aircraft. The site opened as a 50,000 square-foot facility but was quickly expanded to over 100,000 square feet. At one point, it employed close to 1,000 skilled laborers and designers. In 2005, Eaton Corporation acquired Stanley Aviation, then downsized and eventually closed the Aurora facility in 2009.

Since the redevelopment project was announced last year, local leaders have had high hopes for what the new Stanley Marketplace in northwest Aurora could mean for the neighborhood. The sprawling retail center in an old aviation building is spurring development in a corner of the city that has often been ignored by developers and investors.

These hopes are becoming reality. Flightline Ventures, the developer behind Stanley, announced plans in 2016 for an apartment complex near the marketplace at 2501 Dallas Street. Denver-based Westfield Company, Inc. is building the project. Richard Wham, a partner at Westfield, said Westfield was drawn to the project in part because of the success it has already had, including leasing 100 percent of its space before the doors even open. "We think this is kind of the direction of the new retail experience," he said.

The 100,000 square foot shopping district houses close to 50 businesses, including restaurants, retailers, a brewery and others. Some of the businesses who have signed on to the $30 million project include: Endorphin Fitness, Kindness Yoga, Tootsies Nail Shoppe and Logan House Coffee Company.

Wham said Westfield is confident Stanley can be a catalyst for the neighborhood, spurring further growth around the marketplace in an area that hasn't seen much in recent years. "Aurora is doing a great job facilitating the transformation of that area," he said. "And we're very excited by its transformation."

Mark Shaker, a partner at Flightline and one of the founders of the project, said the partnership with Westfield is an ideal one. "Not only does Westfield bring 30 years of development expertise to Stanley Marketplace, but with the addition of an onsite residential component, Westfield ensures that Stanley Marketplace will be an even more prominent destination for locals and visitors alike," he said in a statement.

FirstBank provided a $15 million loan as part of the joint venture between Flightline Ventures and Westfield. "We are proud to work with such visionary partners, and play a role in the expansion of Stanley Marketplace and the ongoing transformation of the Stapleton area," Adam Sands, FirstBank senior vice president for the Denver market, said in a statement.

The apartments will sit on three acres just south of the marketplace.


Brownfields RLF Grant Funds Loaned (2015)$522,015
Brownfields RLF Program Income Loaned (2015)$302,985
Cost Share Funding (Property Owner)$206,250
Total cleanup funding:$1,031,250


Leveraged Funding$25,065,000
Jobs Leveraged20
Fun place to eat, drink and be merryCan't put a price on it!

Stanley Aviation Welcome Sign
Welcome sign for the new Stanley Marketplace

The plant before redevelopment
The plant before redevelopment

Local resident Christine, an EPA employee, enjoys access to the new businesses.
Local resident Christine, an EPA employee,
enjoys access to the new businesses.

Even the outside is a wonderful place to hang out.
Even the outside is a wonderful place to hang out. After your belly is filled of course.

After your belly is filled of course.


2017 Brownfield Conference – Pittsburgh

The Brownfields National Training Conference was held from December 5-7 in Pittsburgh, PA. With approximately 2,300 attendees and 115 sessions, it was a smashing success! Via these sessions, and with ample opportunities for networking, participants shared expert knowledge on a wide range of brownfields-related issues and topics, including public financing and incentives, private financing, brownfield grant eligibility, technical assistance availability, risk management, site assessment, and much more. The conference’s daily plenary sessions were also a large draw for attendees. Featured speakers included Dan French of Brownfield Listings, John Paul Farmer of Microsoft, and a Mayor’s Roundtable featuring the mayors of Pittsburgh, PA; Charlestown, WV; Rochester, NY and Huntington, WV. Copies of presentations and materials from conference sessions can be downloaded from the educational tab on the conference website located at

Throughout the conference, the ACRES team provided one-on-one help to grantees, delivered introductory and advanced ACRES trainings, and demoed the soon-to-be-released ACRES 6.0.

Features in ACRES

Team ACRES is continually improving the system in ways both small and large. Some are transparent to our users and others provide improved reporting (often as a result of a user's suggestion). Here are a few of the recent improvements:

For All ACRES Users:
  • 2018 Cooperative Agreements (Grants) in ACRES database

    The 2018 Assessment, Cleanup, State/Tribal, and Job Training grants have been added to the ACRES database. They are now ready for you to associate properties and begin recording the results of assessments, cleanups and other work performed.
For Cooperative Agreement Recipients (CARs):
  • Property Profile Form (PPF) Start and Completion Dates

    The completion dates in the PPF Assessment, Cleanup and Redevelopment sections are required to be at least one day later than the associated start dates. If the same date is entered in both date fields, an error message will be displayed.
For Project Officers/EPA Users:
  • Area Wide Planning (AWP) Grants – close/cancel function added

    Project Officers (POs) can now change the status of their AWP grant from open to either closed or cancelled from their AWP grant home page. Similar to other grant types, the PO can click the ‘Manage this Cooperative Agreement’ button at the top of the page, enter a closing date and the responsible PO name, and save the status change. The status icon is changed from a green circle to solid blue circle to indicate that the AWP is closed. Note that data can continue to be added to the AWP grant, even though it is closed.

  • Quarterly Reports generate a PDF for the Project Officer

  • When a PO reviews and approves a Quarterly Report, an email with a PDF copy of their report will be sent to them. The report is also available at their fingertips in ACRES (for forever) should they opt to view it online.
If you have any suggestions for ways ACRES can make your job more effective, please let us know by contacting the ACRES Help Desk at or (703) 284-8212.

"In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want."

~ Irish Proverb

Redevelopment Outcomes

Here is a quick look at the first quarter accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2018.
GPRA GoalGoalFY18
Qtr 1
% Goal
Properties with Assessments Completed

Properties with Cleanups Completed

Dollars Leveraged

Jobs Leveraged

Acres Ready for Reuse

Properties Ready for Reuse


Frank's Tips

Frank Gardner is the Brownfields Coordinator and the Regional Data Coordinator at EPA Region 1. In this role, he works with recipients to help them report their activities and successes in ACRES. Frank Gardner

Where Did my ACRES Account Go?

The majority of calls/emails to the ACRES Help Desk involve an expired password. We are rerunning this article by Frank because it’s just so timely! Read on ….

Many Cooperative Agreement Recipient (CAR) users who have not logged in for a while sometimes have to re-register in the system, making them wonder "Where did my account go?" Many of the calls that come into the Help Desk are related to this issue. Don't worry, we have not forgotten about you here at Team ACRES! However, the EPA portal through which our users access the database actually does cancel a CAR user's account after 3 months of inactivity. Yes, that does seem to be a short period of time, and we wish it could be longer, but there are many reasons they have to keep it that way. On the other hand, we do advise CARs to log in at least quarterly to keep their ACRES data up to date.

Also, be on the lookout for quarterly emails from the WAM Portal team asking you to change your password. The password must be changed every 3 months so please be timely and follow the instructions in the email. The subject of the email is Password Expiration Warning and it is sent from It will inform you that:

This is to let you know that the password for your Production EPA application account with user name of (your ACRES user ID) will expire on Mar 8, 2015 (this is a sample date) at 10:59:20 (GMT).

Although the message doesn't specifically say this is for your ACRES account, it is (WAM can only send this 'generic' message to users) and the expiration will affect your ability to log into ACRES.

If your account does get cancelled due to inactivity, you will need to click on the "New to ACRES? One Time Registration" link shown below:

You will essentially create a new account for purposes of the EPA portal by following process. However, don't worry about having to re-associate your grant(s) or re-entering any data. Once you complete the registration process, Team ACRES will merge your new account into your old one, so that all of your grant information and ACRES data will be there waiting for you. After that, we strongly encourage you to log in at least once every quarter in order to keep your data updated and your account active.

CAR users are not the only folks who have account access woes. The Help Desk has received a number of calls from EPA users trying unsuccessfully to register with the system, only to find out they were accidentally trying to register as a CAR user. EPA users do not register through the EPA portal with the process used by CARs. EPA user accounts are established internally through a completely different mechanism. If you are an EPA user trying to set up your account, please contact your Regional Data Coordinator, and they will take care of the rest for you.

Events & Training

Training Offered:

Getting Started (Beginners):
  For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients just starting to use ACRES, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your property data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 90 minutes.

The Next Level (Advanced):
  For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients that are familiar with using ACRES, this training will provide instruction on how to make ACRES work for you and your property scenarios, and the answers to some commonly asked questions. Approximately 90 minutes.

Job Training:
  For Job Training Recipients, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your Job Training data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 60 minutes.

  Winter 2018 ACRES Training Dates (2 pm EST) details

  Getting Started (Beginners)
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

  The Next Level (Advanced)
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

  Job Training
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

  Check the ACRES Information screen for:
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • FAQs

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