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ACRES Bulletin
January 2012

Showing Success in ACRES!

Union Crossing Site: Lawrence, MA

The City of Lawrence, MA reported an impressive $43m and 170 jobs leveraged in ACRES for the leveraged cleanup and redevelopment of the Union Crossing site in Lawrence. The City spent $107,000 of its recently closed FY07 communitywide assessment CA to conduct the Phase 1, Phase 2, and Supplemental Assessment activities needed to get this project moving. The historic textile mill complex is being transformed into a new riverfront neighborhood, including 60 units of affordable family housing, 20,000 SF of new leasable commercial space, comprehensive site and infrastructure improvements, and a new riverfront playground.

Union Crossing Site: Lawrence, MA


First Edition!

ACRES Users -
Welcome to the first edition of the ACRES Bulletin! This bulletin will focus on updates we've made to ACRES, how you might be better able to use the system as a management tool for your cooperative agreements, ACRES tips and general reminders about the system, and it will also serve to highlight the importance of high quality data and share some recognition of recipients that are doing a stellar job. We'll be looking for suggestions and welcome any ideas for good stories or news bits.

Thanks, Ryan Smith - ACRES Project Manager in the Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization.

Features in ACRES

Instructional Videos are now available on the ACRES Information page. The videos provide a step-by-step walk through of topics including Starting Property Data Entry, Associating a CA to Your Account, Viewing and Printing CA Information, and other ACRES functions.

Instructional Videos

To view a video, follow the training video links under the Quick Reference Guides and Instructional Videos section. Each video runs under 5 minutes.

Events & Training

Training Offered:

Getting Started:
For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients just starting to use ACRES, this training will provide instruction on the process for submitting your property data and demonstrate how to use the tools and functions in ACRES. Approximately 90 minutes.

The Next Level:
For Assessment, RLF, Cleanup, and Section 128(a) Recipients that are familiar with using ACRES, this training will provide instruction on how to make ACRES work for you and your property scenarios, and the answers to some commonly asked questions. Approximately 90 minutes.

2012 ACRES Training Dates (2pm EST) details

January 10 — The Next Level

February 14 — Getting Started

March 13 — The Next Level

April 10 — Getting Started

Showing Success

The Ted's for Tires site is a good example of Transit-Oriented Development. The new parking garage built on the site is linked to the commuter rail train station with a footbridge. Within a city block are at least two former industrial buildings which were cleaned up and redeveloped for housing. Together, these projects have revitalized downtown Haverhill.

Frank's Tips

Frank Gardner is a Brownfields Project Officer and the Regional Data Coordinator at EPA Region 1. In this role, he works with recipients to help them report their activities and successes in ACRES.

Frank Gardner

Learn how to associate your property records to your CA and not create a Duplicate

For many of our FY11 recipients who were just awarded their new Cooperative Agreements this past fall, now is the time of year when you are likely logging into ACRES for the first time. One of the first and most critical things we need you to do is add a property record to your Cooperative Agreement.

For a cleanup Cooperative Agreement, the property which will benefit from your Cooperative Agreement is already known. In many cases your property record may already be in ACRES as a result of reporting by other recipients who may have conducted assessment activities there. (For new assessment and RLF Cooperative Agreements, you might not yet know which properties will benefit from your funding). In your ACRES account, select your Cooperative Agreement and click on "Add Property", which will bring up the property search screen. Use the search filter boxes on the left side of the screen to select your State, type in the Property City, and click on the "Filter Now" button. This will give you a list of all the properties located in your town which are already in ACRES.

Look for your property(ies) in the list, check the appropriate box(es), then scroll down and select the "Add Selected Properties" button to associate the property record(s) to your Cooperative Agreement. It's that easy! If you cannot find your property in this list, then select the "Create New Property" button to create a new property record. It is very important that only 1 property record exist in ACRES for each Brownfields property, so please make certain to check the existing property records in this way first before creating a new, potentially duplicate, property record. The best part is that it will also save you lots of work!

Video Training
Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

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